I’m a fifth-year PhD student in Economics at Princeton. I study the role that information plays in the decisions of people and firms. Most of my work is on the topic of education, and how the right information at the right time can help people make better educational choices. I’ve done much of this work with the team at ConsiliumBots, a non-profit that uses technology to help people make informed decisions.

Before going to grad school I was a research assistant at the NBER, where I worked with professor Christopher Neilson in several of his projects. I also held the same position for two years at J-PAL LAC, working with Chris, as well as with professors Dina Pomeranz, Sebastián Bustos and Gabriel Zucman, based in Chile and The Dominican Republic. Before working as an RA, I was a high-school math and physics teacher at Colegio Antares, a small school in the outskirts of Santiago, Chile. I did this as part of Enseña Chile, an NGO that follows the Teach for All model.