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I’m Alvaro Carril, a PhD student at the Economics Department of Princeton University.

My main (research) interests revolve around reducing inequalities and improving the efficiency of markets that are heavily influenced —or controlled— by the public sector. I’m particularly interested in studying the relationship between education and labor markets.

Check out the papers I am currently working on in the research section. The resources section serves as a repository of miscellaneous material that I’ve worked on over the years, and most of the projects that I’m (not) working on (big and small) are hosted in my Github repo. I also have a number of brief blog-type posts I’ve made about various econ and/or computer topics.

About this site

I like it when researchers take the time to share their knowledge of the computational tools that they use, so this website is (among other things) an attempt to do so myself. Over the years I’ve accumulated some expertise on what I call “the tools of the trade”, and I find it both constructive and fun to write posts covering specific topics. I hope you find something useful.